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Rightway Roofing is the leading specialist roofing company in Auckland. Contact qualified roofers in Auckland you can trust for new and existing builds.
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A good quality roof installed correctly should look great and help keep your indoor environment healthy by withstanding leaks, mould, and mildew—particularly in Auckland’s warm, humid, and damp climate.
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Renton Murray
Renton Murray
9 April 2024
Rightway have just done a small job on our Titirangi House. Excellent job and just wish we had them earlier. Thank you Conrad.
Tony Driscoll
Tony Driscoll
28 February 2024
Rightway Roofing did the roof replacement on our Remuera home. The job they did was excellent, completed on time and within the quoted price. They made excellent suggestions regarding guttering and roof strengthening along the way. The onsite staff were tidy, considerate and a pleasure to have round the house. Thanks to Conrad and Rightway Roofing.
Shaun Butler
Shaun Butler
24 February 2024
Highly recommend
simon thomas
simon thomas
9 January 2024
The guys replaced a very old roof on our 1910 Auckland villa. The house has difficult areas from legacy extensions that added complexity to the project. The house also had old rotten purlins. The guys dealt with every section thoughtfully with a big focus on quality, safety and craftsmanship. The entire project was completed to a very high standard. Very refreshing to see such great workmanships. Thank you.
Build By Design Renovations
Build By Design Renovations
8 January 2024
Conrad is a highly skilled roofing practitioner who leads a an experienced team of roofing professionals. Great job guys thanks for the new roof! :)
Glen Shadbolt
Glen Shadbolt
22 November 2023
Excellent service and great communication. We needed some tiles replaced and other minor repairs. Conrad and his team got things sorted out very quickly and did a great job.
7 November 2023
Rightway Roofing has just completed a roof replacement and metal wall cladding installations for me in Birkenhead. The price was competitive, the job was done in a timely manner, the team are friendly and the roof looks great. Would definitely recommend Rightway Roofing
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Cameron
1 November 2023
The best trades people Iv,e ever had to deal with on the Shore
Rohit Khanna
Rohit Khanna
20 October 2023
Conrad ,Managing Director of the company.Fine young entrepreneur driven by service,quality,honesty. Thank you.
Ian Mearns
Ian Mearns
7 September 2023
Conrad knows his stuff. Always works to the Roofing Code of Practice. His guys are great and polite too. Used him many times. Photo of latest project in Otaua

Why choose Rightway Roofing?

Roofing done right

As trusted roofers in Auckland, Rightway Roofing has delivered roofing solutions to New Zealand property developers, residential homeowners (new builds and heritage villas), schools, and light commercial building owners for over a decade. We are experts at installing roofs that complement the look and functionality of your property while also adapting to meet your unique needs.

Each of our in-house contractors has over ten years of experience in the roofing industry.
An aerial view of a villa with a green long run roof replacement.

What can you expect from Rightway Roofing?

  • Attention to Detail and Aesthetic Focus: We provide recommendations on colour selection and roof styles that enhance the overall look of houses.
  • Flexibility and Client Engagement: Always adaptive, with an in-depth approach to client engagement.
  • Experience and Punctuality: Our expert installation team ensures punctuality and timely project completion within a practical and reasonable timeframe.
  • Highest Industry Standards and Safety Consciousness: As a Licensed Building Practitioner and member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand, we uphold the highest industry standards and safety considerations.
  • Workmanship Warranty and Post-Installation Support: We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on replacement and new roofs with no charge for future repairs within this timeframe. We remain easily contactable for any post-installation inquiries or issues.
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Photo of townhouses with new roofing and cladding.

We Offer All-in-One Roofing Packages

While roofing is our primary focus, we also offer comprehensive gutters and spouting services for all new and replacement roofs created by us to safeguard your property from rainwater damage. Additionally, we provide the option to add roof lights to our custom-built roofs to help you enhance natural light and create a bright, inviting space.
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Gutters And Spouting Services
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Rooflight Services
Please note that gutters, spouting services, and roof lights are not standalone services we offer; we integrate them as add-ons for the roofs we work on.
Aerial photograph of a roof install on new apartment buildings.
For a no obligations consult on your new roofing or re-roofing options, call us here at Rightway Roofing for a chat on 0800 766 3464

Featured projects

Photograph of a dark steel roof on a residential property.Photograph of new steel roofing on an apartment block.
A commercial building with a black long run roof.
A sloped new long run roof on an existing home.
A white long run roof on a residential villa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auckland Roofers

What to Consider When Building a Roof?

When building a roof, you must consider many things, such as roof design, suitable materials, budget, adherence to local regulations, and long-term durability. Engaging a reputable roofer in Auckland, such as Rightway Roofing, proves invaluable in navigating these considerations.

We adhere strictly to a code of conduct, pride ourselves on excellence, and are committed to delivering high-quality re-roofing solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements. The choice of materials is influenced by building usage, location, and client preferences, ensuring functional and aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions.

How Do I Prepare for a Roofing Project?

Roofing installation can be noisy and may disrupt daily activities. Notify your neighbours about the forthcoming project to set clear expectations.

Clear the work area to safeguard your belongings and the roofing crew. Establish a practical project timeline, considering weather conditions that could impact the schedule. Before commencing the project, communicate any specific concerns, preferences, or special considerations with the contractor.

What Should I Look for When Hiring Roofers in Auckland?

Opt for a roofer like Rightway Roofing, which has a proven history of providing excellent craftsmanship and positive client experiences backed by relevant experience.

Rightway Roofing is a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) and a member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand. We guarantee that all re-roofing projects adhere to the highest standards, and we work closely with our clients to ensure the delivery of satisfactory roofing projects.

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