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5 Things to Know Before You Choose Long Run Metal Roofing

Long run roofing, celebrated for its durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability, is a superb choice for new construction and renovation projects. However, the decision to choose long run metal for new build roofing involves many considerations, from material selection and cost implications to structural requirements and local climate conditions.

Our helpful guide explains the benefits, process, and other considerations you should know before you choose long run metal roofing. We aim to equip you with the crucial knowledge to make informed decisions and ensure that your investment enhances your property's functionality and aesthetics.


1. The benefits of long run roofing

Offering various benefits over alternative materials, a few of which we’ve listed below, this type of roofing makes it an excellent choice for homeowners.


  • Longer Lifespan: Long run stands out for its exceptional longevity and durability. You can expect a long run roof supplied by COLORSTEEL® and ColorCote® and installed by a licensed practitioner to last 50+ years.
  • Energy-efficient: ColorCote® and COLORSTEEL® products can reflect radiant heat from the sun, significantly reducing internal heat gain and keeping homes cooler during the summer. You'll spend less time running your air conditioning units, leading to more savings. Importantly, you won't sacrifice heat retention in winter either, provided your ceiling is well-insulated.
  • Fire Resistant: Safety is another paramount benefit of long run metal roofing. It possesses strong fire-retardant properties, making it a safe choice as it will not ignite during a fire. However, installing long run metal roofing over non-combustible materials is crucial to fully benefit from its fire resistance rating, ensuring an additional layer of safety for your home.
  • Sustainable: Fully recyclable at the end of its life, long run steel is superior to asphalt shingles which are often disposed of in landfills. This ensures you can rest easy, knowing you’re doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Lightweight: Long run metal roofs are typically lighter than concrete tiles or slate, reducing the load on a building's structure and enabling easier installation and less structural strain.


2. The aesthetics of long run roofing

metal roof colours & aesthetics

Homeowners praise long run roofing for its modern, sleek look. It offers extensive customisation options, allowing you to choose the colour and profile to match your taste and the existing design of your home. Such a varied palette also allows anyone working on a new build to align the roof's colour with their style preferences and enhance the overall architectural appeal.

Rightway Roofing uses high-quality materials, including brands like ColorCote® and COLORSTEEL®. These brands boast a selection of hues crafted from a durable mix of steel, zinc, magnesium, and aluminium. They are finished with a baked-on paint system renowned for enduring New Zealand's rigorous weather conditions for over 50 years, offering long-lasting visual appeal. With the appropriate care and maintenance, you can count on your roofing to look great for decades.


3. The cost of long run roofing

Various factors influence the cost of your roofing project. Factors you should consider include, but aren't limited to:

  • Whether the roof is a replacement or a new build.
  • The roof's pitch.
  • The required underlay.
  • Your desired roof thickness (typically 0.40g or 0.55g).
  • Whether your building is in a sea spray zone.
  • How many storeys the building has.

You can discuss these factors with your roofing contractor to determine the cost of installing long run roofing.

As of May 2024, the typical cost for long run roofing ranges from $95/m² to $165/m², based on the surface area of the roof, not the floor plan. These figures come from our most recent 20 projects, encompassing roof replacements, new constructions, and conversions from pressed metal tiles. Our portfolio includes both commercial and residential projects, utilising standard and marine-grade materials.

While the initial cost may seem substantial, investing in a professionally installed long run metal roof is undeniably worthwhile. Such an investment protects your home and adds value to your property, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.


4. How long run metal roofing is installed

Rightway's roofing process for new builds epitomises our commitment to high quality, durability, and aesthetic standards. The process starts with an initial consultation to review architectural plans and provide a detailed quote. We use advanced 3D modelling software to quantify the job accurately before presenting the quote.

For roof replacements, we take precise measurements of the existing roof before quoting and once approved, we will discuss logistics in a pre-let meeting after which the start of the project is scheduled. Here's an overview of what our installation process generally looks like: 

  1. Site Assessment and Planning: Initially, we will assess the building and its existing roof structure, ensuring its structural integrity, measuring the roof, and planning for weather conditions.
  2. Safety Precautions: Safety is a priority. Our professionals will set up safety equipment such as scaffolding, harnesses, and guardrails to protect the installation team.
  3. Removing Old Roofing (if applicable): If replacing an old roof, our team will carefully remove it. We ensure that the disposal of old materials is handled in an environmentally friendly way.
  4. Installing Roofing Underlay: We install a roofing underlay to absorb condensation that may form beneath the sheets in colder weather and during the day the airflow through your ceiling space dries the underlay.
  5. Laying Metal Sheets: We then lay the sheets with your desired profile (corrugate, trapezoidal, or tray) over the underlay. The sheets start at least 50mm into the gutter and finish 20mm from the centre of the ridge (or 20mm from the wall, depending on your design), allowing for good ventilation.
  6. Securing Panels: Corrugate or Trapezoidal profiles are fixed with screws specially designed for long run metal roofing, which have a neoprene washer to prevent water ingress. Tray profiles are fixed with hidden clips fastened onto your framing before laying the sheet. Screw placement and spacing are critical and must comply with both manufacturer and New Zealand building standards.
  7. Installing Flashing and Ridge Caps: Flashing is installed around edges, valleys, hips, and penetrations (like chimneys or vent pipes), helping to direct water away from these vulnerable areas and into the gutter system, preventing leaks. Ridge caps are applied at the roof's peak where two slopes meet. They provide weather protection while enhancing the roof's aesthetic appeal.
  8. Final inspection and site tidy up: After cleaning any debris from created by the roofing project our operations manager or director will come out to personally carry out a final inspection of the work and once this is passed, we have the scaffolding removed.
  9. Documentation and Warranty: Finally, we provide your ColorCote® or COLORSTEEL® product warranty alongside a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Our skilled professionals ensure meticulous execution and constant communication throughout the installation process. Post-installation, we continue to offer support for maintenance and repairs, ensuring the longevity and performance of your new long run roof.


5. Maintenance and care

Maintenance is crucial when installing a long run roof, ensuring its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Like any roofing material, steel roofs require regular maintenance, which includes routine washdowns to remove debris. Additionally, it's important to treat moss, lichen, and algae to prevent accumulation that can damage the roof over time.

Proactive maintenance preserves the roof's integrity and ensures it performs its protective functions effectively as well as maintaining its stunning appearance.


Need a Long Run Roof? Choose the Right Way to Do It

Choosing a long run metal roof for your property offers many benefits, from durability and energy efficiency to aesthetic versatility. However, it's essential to consider factors such as material choice, cost, installation process, and maintenance needs before proceeding. Understanding these elements ensures that your roofing investment is sound and suitable for your specific requirements.

If you're ready to explore the advantages of long run roofing or have further questions about installation, don't hesitate to contact Rightway Roofing. Our experts are on hand to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your roofing project is executed flawlessly. Reach out to Rightway Roofing today to start your journey towards a robust and stylish new roof.

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