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What Is Re-roofing: Everything You Need to Know

Re-roofing is a process that involves completely tearing off the old roof down to the deck and installing new roofing components. It is a significant investment, necessary when an existing roof is extensively damaged or reaching the end of its lifespan.

Join us in this comprehensive guide on what re-roofing is. We'll unravel the intricacies and discuss how to practically apply this knowledge to fortify your home against the passage of time and nature's forces.

Repair or Replace?

Roofing repairs are suitable for minor issues and can be cost-effective for localised damage. However, they offer only a temporary solution. On the other hand, roof replacement from professional roofers in Auckland is a long-term investment that addresses existing problems while revealing and resolving underlying issues. 

Despite the initial costs, roof replacement is a wise investment, ensuring the longevity and security of your home. A new roof also provides durability and enhances the property's value, giving you a competitive advantage in the real estate market compared to similar properties.

How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Replacing?

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Inspect your roof at least once a year or after extreme weather like hail or strong wind. More frequent inspections may be required depending on the age of your roof. Regular inspections will help you catch minor problems before they become major issues. Does your roof need replacing? If you notice any of these symptoms, a roof replacement may be in order:

  • Visual Condition: Are there chipped or broken tiles on a slate roof, curling shingles, or loose granules on an asphalt roof? Is the painted finish on a metal roof fading, or are the fasteners on a screw-down metal roof starting to wallow out?
  • Rust: Do you notice rust in the nail holes, along or under the roof ridges, or around the chimney?
  • Decay or Stains: Check the seals around pipes for decay. Are there unexplained ceiling stains, brown spots, watermarks, or discoloured patches that continue to grow or darken?
  • Leaks: Check underneath the roof space for stains, streaks, or signs of mould.
  • Age: if your roof is older than 20 – 30 years, hiring a professional for a thorough inspection is a good idea.

How Much Does Reroofing Cost?

The cost of re-roofing varies based on your roof's condition and specific factors such as roof size, design, materials, labour, and additional services. A free quote is the best way to determine your project's cost.

For an accurate estimate, seek a free quote from professionals like Rightway Roofing; we provide detailed quotes encompassing all aspects of the re-roofing project. Additionally, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on replacements and new roofs at no additional charge. Consult with us to determine the precise cost tailored to your individual needs.

Will Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement?

Roof coverage under your house insurance protects against big disasters like fires and floods, plus smaller accidents like broken windows and burst pipes. However, it doesn't protect against gradual damage and natural deterioration over time.

What is the Best Type of Roof?

Various choices exist, such as concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and corrugated metal. Weather, architectural style, and trends around the neighbourhood can affect your choice of material. 

At Rightway, we specialise in metal roofing, an incredibly durable and long-lasting choice that protects against the elements. It requires minimal maintenance compared to other roofing materials.

What is the Re-roofing Process Like?

How Long Does It Take?

The re-roofing process typically begins when a client contacts us, followed by a thorough consultation. We schedule a site visit for measurements and a prior inspection to prepare an accurate quotation. Once it is accepted, the roof removal and installation phases commence. 

Rightway is renowned for its efficiency, and we strive to complete most re-roofing projects within a practical and reasonable timeframe. From the acceptance of the quote to completion, our re-roofing process usually takes around three weeks, ensuring a swift and seamless experience for our clients.

How Much Am I Involved?

Your involvement in the re-roofing process is valued and collaborative. During the client consultation, we engage with you, discussing colours and profiles that complement your house design. We consider your preferences and listen to your vision, creating a tailored approach.

Am I Allowed to Remain in My House?

The decision to stay in your house during the roof replacement is yours. Many homeowners choose to remain at home, overseeing the process. Rest assured, we strive to minimise disruptions and complete the project as swiftly as possible, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

We Make the Re-roofing Experience a Breeze

Armed with our guide on what re-roofing is, you're ready to take the next step or seek expert guidance tailored to your unique needs. Don't hesitate to contact Rightway Roofing; our dedicated professionals stand ready to provide detailed quotes, expert advice, and quality workmanship, ensuring your re-roofing project is a seamless and successful endeavour.

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